Digging and Drilling and Gas men

I am having a home office day.

Finishing off client paperwork and timesheets for my old job and admin for Nigel's job,

Outside the gas men are making a din. (This has been going on since late March) 

We have a half filled, yellow fenced hole at the end of our drive. I can get the Fiat on, if I go over the neighbour's lawn, but Clive's car is parked way down the road.

The massive hole on the corner appears to be in the process of being refilled.

The bonus of a new hole every 10 yards is that John Girvan, local historian, is finding relics from the prison that was once at the top end of the road. Many executions took place along our road and John knows lots of interesting facts about them. The old houses in the street were built from the bricks of the prison.

Bristish Pathe even filmed the demolition in 1927.

I've booked John to give a talk at the club. Not about executions or prison, or ghostd (his usual topics) but about Royal visits to the town. 

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