Grateful Days

By Nickimags888

Wide Angle Wednesday - Payn Street

We had to pop into town this morning for a dentist appoitnment as we think TheAphid needs a brace. I'm not keen on dentists at all so Rik took him and I went to look for a new watch. I found one I like in the first shop I looked at, but had a wander up and down King Street/Queen Street just to be sure of prices and types. I ended up at the first shop again and bought a lovely watch with an big face, so I can see the time clearly now :-)

TheAphid has been referred to the hospital in case he might need surgery. The waiting list is about six months, but the waiting list for surgery is apparently three years!!! Let's hope he doesn't need that but just the brace!

I took this shot on my phone just near the car park and processed it in Silver Efex Pro2. I hope it's okay for Wide angle Wednesday. Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

60plus is hosting Derelict Sunday and the tag is DS46.

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