Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Dubai Opera House

... opens today! I thought I would be a part of history and go and listen to Placido Domingo, but tickets are all sold out. On Friday and Sunday, I could watch the Barber of Seville, and I may just go for one of those still; and then later in September, they have a Viennese opera/ballet and classical music show. There will also be a performance of Bizet's The Pearl Fishers; that is mainly in keeping with Dubai's own tradition and history or pearl diving...

It is almost the end of the work week and I have been extremely tired all week! Partly jet lag, partly readjusting to the heat, and I am extremely unmotivated and even Blip has fallen by the way side. Hoping I snap out of it soon...

I wanted to post this today though and dedicate it to my friend AussieinOz who, had she been here, would have definitely been at the Grand Opening - no matter what the cost of the ticket. It was also her birthday yesterday, so a belated Happy Birthday Dalice! :)  Still remember going to watch Cosi Fan Tutte with you!

And in the morning, G managed to get the Volvo to the garage before it wouldn't start up again, and then had to taxi over to our friend's home to pick up her car so she had wheels for the day. Got to organise parking now for the Peugeot...

PS. I'm afraid the image is one I had made earlier!
PPS. I think I could have tagged this WildWed22 for the wild shows that will take place in this building!

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