By queenofmyheart

Blipping desperate

To Wales this morning at the crack of dawn to take my mum Tesco shopping . Sat on the M42 for half an hour due to an accident at Solihull and arrived at twelve fifteen. No blip opps in Tesco but off to Mumbles this evening so plenty of chance there, I thought.
No- too grey and murky by the time I got there, having taken a shortcut which seemed to traverse most of the Gower peninsula . The lifeboat station had disappeared into the mist and the boats looked very dreary . Lovely catch up with Ann and a great steak at Chaplin's. Blip opps not presenting themselves so it was either a picture of an historic salted caramel cheesecake ( note we shared it), or this UFO that appeared as I was closing my curtains. I know some of you would have preferred the former so you'll have to check it out on Facebook.

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