Male Red Shafted Northern Flicker

This guy and his family have been coming to our suet feeders on a regular basis. Flickers seem to love suet and all three come, mom, dad and kid. This fellow is a pure red shafted flicker. He has red cheek marks and no red on the back of his head. The western flickers are usually red, though here we have some mixed ones, part red and part yellow, and I've seen a couple of pure yellow ones here too. They are in the woodpecker family and are such handsome birds. And their call is piercing so I know just when they arrive or are nearby.

Arvin is off at big group today aka Adult Day Health. He is still recovering from his infection but is majorly better. I mentioned that to him and he agreed that he feels much better. So happy about that. He is too. He didn't enjoy being fuzzier and off balance any more than I did. Less I am sure. I am happy for both of us.

Tonight we are going to a benefit for the Alzheimer's Society of Washington at a store on Mt Baker Highway called "My Garden." It is a dinner and auction and many of our friends will be there. Should be fun.

Later: it was fun. I bought some lovely hand made bowls. We saw quite a few friends and had lively conversations.

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