creative lenna

By creativelenna

All is well

The waters of the Braden River are receding . . . After the tail of Hurricane Hermine passed over us this morning (lots of lightning & rain -scary) things settled down and the rain stopped. Thank goodness. There are still more Thunderstorms forecasted, but we are out of the woods, hooray. We can see our dock again, which is a wonderful thing after seeing Steve sloshing around in the water on top of it yesterday

There is debris on our street, but we were very lucky, The actual Hurricane hit way north of us and we never lost our power. My mom is without internet but doing fine. I have talked to her a number of times via her cell phone and I will see her tomorrow, when I venture out for the first time since Tuesday!!! Thank you for ALL your notes yesterday, very appreciated even though I have not responded personally. xo 

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