The Blessing

Some days are just AMAZING and this was one of them.

The picture shows Gede's 90 year old Grandmother and our dear friend Rachael with rice on her forehead after a blessing by the chief in the village temple here in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia.
I have uploaded 3 extra collages because today so much happened.

Rachael and Kevin have a lovely married couple called Wangi and Gede who work for them when they are in Bali, they look after the children and the house and drive them and all manner of helpful things, they are such nice people and with the money they've earned they've built a temple for their village and are building a house bit by bit which Gede's parents live in. In Bali when you get married the woman leaves her village and goes to live with her Husband's family.
Rachael had been invited to see the temple and house and to have a blessing from the chief and she invited us to go too so Max, Zebedee, Gulli and I were very touched and excited to go.

We set off for the village with a few stops on the way. Firstly the monkey forest in Ubud which is a stunning place, Rachael had never been before so we were delighted to show it to her, see the extras.

Rachael's sister Tracey and her husband Jonathan were staying in Ubud so we met up with them for a few beers and snacks, the bar owner known as Buddah was very genial and played computer games with the kids. (see extras)

After saying our goodbyes we stopped off to look at a beautiful rice paddi, breathtaking! And also at a shop that sells intricately carved animal skulls, Zebedee has been desperate for one since we first went there when he was 11, apart from not having room in our luggage we also weren't sure it would be allowed in the country but at least Zebedee got to see them again and show them to Rachael. (see extras)

Then it was on to the village, the house is stunning with gorgeous wood and stone carvings, everyone was so happy to see Miss Rachael and to meet us as well. We had coffee that they had harvested and roasted themselves and some snacks and then The Chief arrived on his motorbike looking like a rockstar! Both boys got to ride on his bike with him, Gulli got a lift to Granny's house and Z got a lift back.
After meeting Gede's parents and the Chief we all went to Gede's Grandmother's house, would you believe she is 90!
They had prepared a spread of fresh oranges and snacks and laid a rug out for us all to sit on, it was a very warm welcome indeed.
Then off to the village temple for a blessing, the chief incanted and put holy water on Rachael and all of us, we also had to drink the water three times from cupped hands. It was very special, although there was a real sense of occasion it was also very relaxed with children running in and out and people taking photos and chatting.
Afterwards we went back to Gede's parent's house for dinner, they had made rice, 2 chicken dishes and a fish curry also. It was really tasty and we all enjoyed it very much.

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