What a wet weekend!

Cyclamen, fuchsia, pelargonium ... and marigolds!

Managed to plant two cyclamen under the fuchsia bush in light rain this morning, coming indoors just as the heavens really opened. It has since poured relentlessly, with the wind wuthering round the windows, and bending the pelargonia outside. We've ordered a new dishwasher since our old one irreparably broke down. Meanwhile, I'm thankful for my Marigolds!

Thank you for all the lovely starrrrs and compliments on my pirates yesterday. You're very kind, me hearties! Now, it's gone dark, we've drawn the curtains, and to help us shut out the sound of the wind, Mr PP is pouring wine. I'm watching Strictly's introductory show on TV. I actually recognise two or three of this year's celebs. Was enjoying it until ... why, oh why, do they have to invite politicians to take part?! I thought this was light entertainment and escapism. Oh, well. Can't imagine he'll last long.

Glad the weather wasn't like this five years ago for our son's wedding. Hope you're having a good weekend whatever the weather.

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