Precious memories

First of all this Blip serves as a reminder that tomorrow's Mono Monday theme is 'memorable' and its tag is MM137, I'm so looking forward how you will interpret this :-)

With our move to Holland having been okayed officially we're now clearing and sorting everything. Great time to go through all kind of memorabilia and spend too much time reading everything, scrutinising every picture and so on. Isn't it strange to think that images of spontaneous memorable moments weren't actually catchable until the development of the portable camera ! Before that it was pretty much posed, re-enacted or painted long after the event. Aren't we lucky to live in this age where we have images of the special moments in our lives literally at our fingertips !

The secretaire you're seeing here belonged to my grandmother and is filled with photos and documents belonging to her and my grandfather. In a way it is remarkable how many of these they managed to keep as most of their belongings were lost during WWII during the Japanese occupation of SE Asia. Every time I go through the drawers of the cabinet I find something new, like the document in the extra, the official registering of my grandfather as an alien resident in Singapore in 1927.

Thanks very much for your comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's garden Blip

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