View from the Border

Failed to get very far with those little DIY jobs today. Again! Managed to sand the filler and knots on the bathroom door, but that's all.

The sun made an appearance in the afternoon, and MrM proposed a "run out in the car" rather than a walk, as his foot and ankle have been painful over the last couple of days, as well as his knee. So we set off up to the Scottish Borders to circumnavigate the Cheviot via the scenic route.

It was a very pleasant trip with some fabulous views of the hills and countryside. We stopped at Carter Bar on the Border between Scotland and England, and walked up the hill a short distance for views over to the Cheviot (in the blip) and to the Scottish hills.

Dropping down in to Redesdale in Northumberland we decided, as it was getting late, to stop for a meal on the way back. The Redesdale Arms proved a good choice and MrM and I enjoyed dinner at an outside table, watching the sun go down as we ate. The only downside was the midges, that were making a meal of my feet!


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