Sepia for once!

Oh the weather today! The day started off heavy and grey and dull, and then the sun started to break through the clouds, then it got very dark and muggy and then we had the most startlingly bright sunshine spells about 4pm ish. Which is when I took this picture! I love how the cobbles glisten in the sunshine and how the windows on the tall buildings reflect the light.

Work was lovely! We worked on getting things ready for our desk at the sixth form college freshers fayre tomorrow. And we went (prayer) treasure hunting! It was strange and fun and exciting and a bit weird! It will be absolutely fantastic to blip tomorrow night and hopefully inform you that we were able to meet all of the people and see all of the things we felt God was telling us about today. I love my job. #weruleatwork

Oh, I'm in love with my little Lumix!! I enjoy it sooo much! I think my favourite thing is to shoot in monochrome. Often, I shoot my subject in both color and mono and mono almost always wins! I took this picture in mono but when I realised that it had a sort of....old quality to it, I decided on a little sepia instead. Sepia for once!! Rob Harris, are you proud of me?!

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