Shoes Strictly Prohibited

This time shoes were not OK.

With L and H I went to Kenrokuen Garden and then to Kanazawa Castle Park, both of which had several English signs. I was glad to be with L, as I could ask him immediately how he thought of each English sign we encountered. Some of the signs were okay, while others were not, as he told us (the sign that mentioned tea service especially seemed to make no sense to him).

Afterwards, we went to a temple called Ninja-dera (Ninja Temple, but this name is not official, and for the sake of the temple it has no relation to ninja); it's such an exciting temple with some traps and hidden rooms inside, which H described as a gimmick house. I had never been to the temple, but enjoyed so much, so did L and H. 
The sign in the blip was at the temple.

I also took him to a beach that is 40-minute away by car from the city centre, hoping to see a sunset. Although we didn't make it in time and the sky was a bit overcast, it was nice to see the ocean, chatting for a while. The sandy beach itself is known to be the only beach in Japan on which you can drive.
There is another unique sign in the beach that I've wanted to capture; maybe next time I come visit it.

I was glad L liked Kanazawa. It was just amazing to meet him for the first time we last met in England in June 2015. He made me miss Britain a lot.
He left for his next destination, Kyoto, on the following day.

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