From the top

I’ve walked a really long way today. Listvyanka is a very long town – it hugs the edge of the lake for at least 6km. Yesterday when I arrived I thought the lake was so wide that you couldn’t see the other side. But this morning I discovered that yesterday’s mist never quite cleared the lake and actually you can see distant hills on the other side.

I walked the length of the village and then up to a view point in the hills. This shot is taken from there. It’s one of a panorama but I don’t have the software to stitch it together. On the walk up, I got talking to a Russian woman. She’s a doctor from western Siberia who’s visiting Lake Baikal for a week.

During the day it’s warm in the sun, hot when walking uphill. But there’s a chill in the wind and after sunset it gets cold fast. Just a small hint at what’s to come as winter approaches. It must be very tough to live here in winter.

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