Flower Friday

A scabby looking flower received a wee boost with Pip app to bring some colour to a dreich day.

Busy old day, hubby set off at silly o'clock for a meeting in Edinburgh, big lad set off laden on his Duke of Edinburgh expedition (it's been a challenging week with lack of preparation for lots of things, wrong priorities & a bit of teenage brain but it was so good to get a huge hug as he set off), big girl to school but then heading off to a friends house after school & then onto a party.

Young pup had more immunisations, he's allowed carefully selected venues for walks for the coming week then has free reign after that. Youngest was thrilled to see him on the lead when we met her after school. She had great fun with a friend over to play after school.

We then had an unexpected call saying the D of E expedition was being "abandoned" because of extreme weather so rapid arrangements were made to drive to Cairngorms to collect him - the weather was dramatically different there, good call made by the leaders.

Watching the Paralympics ... superb athletes, inspiring, such great sport to watch, I'm even enjoying the powerlifting!!

An amazing night for sprinters:!Gold for Sophie Hahn inT38 100m, gold for Georgina Hermitage in T37 100m, Libby Clegg GOLD in 100m T11, Jonnie Peacock still to come, Amazing medals for 15 year old Ellie Robinson with gold in swimming & Jody Cundy Gold in cycling and many more .... these athletes all deserve & need to be household names the same as our Olympic athletes!

The blind long jumping and one leg high jumpers just outstanding to mention a couple - all incredible!! If you haven't seen any of the Paralympics, do try, it's incredible!

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