By BernardYoung

Wedding Photograph

Their chosen path
may prove slippy
after this morning’s heavy rain

so they’d best ensure
that special dress
doesn’t attract the attention
of the spiky foliage
that partly blocks the way.

(On that path only yesterday
I caught my hand on a thorn
and blood was drawn).

But, no doubt the photographer
has done this shoot many times before
and will soon have shots
of them posing against the rocks
and with the compliant sea
in the background.

Those shoes
the groom is carrying for her
will have replaced the trainers
she’s currently sporting
and, with the sound
of gentle waves lapping
and the ka shick of the shutter,
(‘You may kiss the Bride’)
they’ll kiss and kiss again.

So, I do hope
they reach the beach without mishap,
that en route they don’t mess up
the expensive dress
(nor the wedding suit)
and I make a wish for them
that their road is for ever smooth

and that they always make it safely back
to where
a warm reception is waiting for them.

Thinking Out Loud

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