West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Round the corner and up the hill

Day 15: Irkutsk – the Russian/Mongolian border
Distance: 5900km from Moscow and approximately 8915km from London

Back on the train today. This train. It’s probably about 20 years older than the Moscow to Irkutsk train I was on. It’s less comfortable and the toilets are more what I expected! It has one massive plus though – the windows open! So I’ve spent quite a lot of time standing by the open window taking photos without the problem of filthy windows.

The landscape has changed again as the day has gone on. This morning the train went around the south of Lake Baikal and up the opposite side from where I was a couple of days ago. There’s been more variety in the landscape and more hills. We should get to the Russian side of the border soon. It’s 8.30pm and dark. It’s due to take several hours to get through Russian border formalities and several more to get into Mongolia. We should be on our way again towards Ulan Bator by about midnight.

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