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Church Art

We could go far on Daddy Day today as we were expecting a plumber in the afternoon. So we went for a quick strole. On our walk we saw some new street art on the old disused church door. We then walked round the corner and found some free art.

Our freebies improved even more on the way home. As we walked past a closed down gift shop Girl saw a Hello Kitty cardboard cut out. There was a builder out the back so I enquired about what was happening with the shop and what was he doing with all the gift stuff left behind.

Proving that if you don't ask you don't get we then wandered off down the road with a Giant cardboard Hello Kitty on top of the buggy, closly followed by a Girl with the biggest smile in Southsea. Ironic really as the kitty has no mouth!

Once home we popped out to buy treats and settled down watching the BMX races whilst waiting for the plumber. We arranged for some friends to come over as we were to be house bound due to the leaky pipe. It turned out that the plumber just assessed it all for five minutes and was gone to return another day. Still it was fun to have friends round anyway. Particularly as Boy is being quite fiesty at the moment and so needs constant entertaining.

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