Still somewhat destroyed by conference, so I bowed out of climbing today, while Tim went for a quick session on his own.  I made myself useful at home though, cleaning the shower and finally unpacking my case.

Had some lunch with Tim, then walked up into Blackheath village with him - he went for a haircut and I mooched around the shops.  Came back and had a lazy afternoon - almost fell asleep on the sofa, but made myself get up and change the bed, then felt a bit more awake again.

Tim went to cook himself a chilli this evening, but the mince looked and smelled decidedly dodgy, so I cooked us both a big - and very spicy - stir fry instead.  Printed off a couple of photos this evening to send to my aunt (as requested by my Mum), and spotted this cool reflection in a pan lid in the dining room.  (Thanks to our kitchen and bathroom renovations, all kinds of interesting bits and pieces are dotted all around various other parts of the flat!)

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