Almost like England

Except for the dirty great Eucalypt just there on the left.

Oh and weren't we lucky yesterday.  We had wonderful weather, dry cool and sunny.  People were sitting on the veranda of the centre having their Devonshire teas.

Today - it quite literally hasn't stopped raining since about 6.30 am.  I had to go into the Park to get some stuff I'd left behind yesterday, and by crikey it was damp.

Generally speaking the creek you see in the foreground is either dry or has barely 5cms of water running through it.  Today it's probably a couple of feet deep.

And the rain was very English, soft, gentle and very persistent.  So everything around is green and lush looking.  The green lawn area is often rented out for picnics, or games in the summer.  It's a lovely spot.

In the distance at the back is a popular wedding venue, Karka Pavilion.  It's heritage listed and is one of the oldest buildings in the Park.

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