Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Cabo de Gata

Today we headed south to the Cabo de Gata national park. After a few wrong turnings, we finally arrived at the first bird hide at Las Salinas - the salt flats.
It was full of flamingoes and waders, but they were a bit far away for my camera, so not too clear a shot.
As well as the Flamingoes, who are on their way to Africa apparently, we saw Avocets, Stilts, Dunlin(I think), Curlew, Sandpipers, and some other stuff we could not identify.
There was another hide on the far side of the flats which was quite sheltered, in the shade(yippee) and had a lovely breeze blowing through, so it was actually really pleasant.
After a while we went for a late lunch in San Jose.......and of course we couldn't resist the song every time we saw a signpost....tra la la la la....
Husband was getting quite fed up in the end and couldn't wait to leave!!!

It was another relaxing day....well, apart from Simon, who ended up driving quite a long way....but will soon get a rest as we have said we will have a lazy relaxing day with no driving tomorrow.

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