I woke up this morning with a very sore head, a kind of heaviness which after trying to deal with some stressful stuff at the office, seemed to spread to my whole body. Going into Market Square at lunchtime, the temperature was ridiculously warm for the time of year. Leaving the building was like walking into an oven! Unfortunately, by the time I got home the sun had largely disappeared so wasn't enable to indulge in a bit of basking as hoped.

I tried to go for a run but the legs didn't want to play. The hazy, cloudy skies did at least make for good photography and provided the most beautiful soft light when the sun did occasionally break through. I've taken pictures from here before but they've never quite turned out like this shot! Sadly, the fresh air didn't cure what I can only describe as like having a bad hangover! 

No.1 son turned 25 today. It doesn't seem possible! Speaking to him on the phone, it's as hard for him to believe that as it is for me!

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