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Meet Blipfoto's new Community Co-ordinator

A few months ago, we issued an invitation to apply for the role of community director.  Well, we finally offered the role to Michele Egan (Alsacienne) and while she decided not to join the board, we were still so impressed with her c.v. and ideas that we have asked her to take on the role of Community Co-ordinator for Blipfoto. 
Rather than us tell you about her, we’re letting Michele introduce herself and so we’re taking you back to the very beginning, when Michele read the Blip Central Post.
“With the help of a glass of wine, I thought: “why not?” and threw my hat into the ring. After all, I’d been blipping for six years, saw the community come together through the trials and tribulations of Blipfoto to Blipfuture, and made some pretty decent friends along the way. You might say I’m fully invested as a blipper and definitely interested in seeing the ways in which the community might come together.
So who am I?
The basics: I’m French but have now lived and worked as an expat in the U.S. for 35 years, going back and forth to visit my family in the Alsace region of France (if you need recommendations for one of our fine wines, drop me a line!). I came over as an exchange student and met the cool guy who’s now been my husband for 33 years and with whom I’ve had three kids -- featured occasionally as my entries.
My professional life: for 32 years, I worked at the World Bank in Washington D.C.  That’s the largest international development agency, with offices in every country of the world and a lofty mission of “Working for a world free of poverty.”  Its staff of 20,000 hails from and travels all over the globe. Fun and pretty intense place in which to work. I held a variety of jobs from IT to head hunting to knowledge management. I spent the last 10 years, before retiring early, managing our employee communications group worldwide, including online platforms and messaging to help us come together as a unified group. I’m hoping that experience might be helpful to my new role within blipfuture J
Photographically speaking, I started out with a Pentax film camera. Then, with three kids in short order and a need to share their development with family back in France, I went into ‘point-and-shoot’ mode for a couple of decades ;) I reverted back to ‘real’ photography when I took over employee communications at work: I thought pictures could help tell a better story than reams of words and I introduced the concept of photo essays. People seemed to enjoy that. Since my early retirement three years ago, I’ve tried to keep to the spirit of that philosophy and like to think of myself as a documentary photographer. I volunteer with a number of non-profit organizations to help them tell their story. I attempt the same with my people and street photography. Occasionally, I take a paying gig – if the mood strikes and the job seems interesting. I’ve been involved with two local camera clubs in a varity of roles (president, vp, workshop leader). I’ve recently switched from Nikon gear to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and loving every moment of that: my wrists, elbows and shoulders are forever grateful for the lightened load J
What is next?
I’m going on vacation. Seriously, I am. Hubby and I are leaving for Nepal and Bhutan next week for a month-long hiking and exploring trip. Depending on the state of internet access, you may (or not) hear from me. 
I look forward to engaging in ongoing conversations upon my return.

Onwards and upwards!"

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