Another face!

It is enough to make you paranoid! I am seeing faces all over campus now.  Spotted this one in the Reed Hall grounds on my mini early morning plod before settling down at my desk.

I am posting this a day late as a Thursday passed in a flash! As soon as we got home it was back out again for a school visit to the High School that Leo is likely to move to in a couple of years and then home and straight to bed!

It was great to look around and it seems like a nice friendly school. Leo was impressed with the Library and had a nice chat with the librarian. She told him all about the Timmy Failure books she had bought recently, thinking they would appeal to lovers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Leo gave his critique which is that they are okay but nowhere near as good so she said she'd take a sounding from some of the children before buying any more!

Needless to say he made a beeline for the sporting facilities and enjoyed playing a bit of football and scoring a goal, and was impressed that he managed to kick a 'tinkling' ball whilst blindfolded. We spotted lots of his fellow Cully Hurricanes as we wandered about and I bet they all lingered on the sports pitches too.

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