But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

For the Children.

For the next week, Mrs TD is looking after the Terrible Twins {two daxis) and their home, while their owners are gadding about on holiday.  I had to collect her and deliver her to work, a job from which she had decided to retire once she had met Tom Hanks who was due to star in “The Da Vinci Code” which featured its final scenes at the chapel.
She met him, had her picture taken with him by one of his bodyguards, and ticked one more item off her bucket list; and still she works there.
Anyway, while I was waiting for her to get herself  ready, I Blipped this little arrangement in the dogs’ run; presumably, it was chosen by the grandchildren and arranged by the lady of the house who has some artistic skills. The original children responsible for the selection are probably too old to appreciate the decoration now, but they have been superseded by a slightly younger set. To the best of my knowledge, no birds have ever used the nesting box, but if a hamster nest were installed next spring, there is a good chance that a family of bumblebees would take up residence for the year.

I’ve just posted yesterday’s, “A Taste of Honey.”

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