In My Life...

By steeble


Yesterdays blip was a back-blip so please take a minute to have a look: Framing Cranes

Last week I said that I was hoping to bring you something quite amazing.... this is because some of my recent entries have in my opinion been lacking a little. Not because of motivation but due to lack of time really.

A little while ago I'd been in touch with RichieBoo. We said we would go get some pictures together sometime, He suggested going to the photography evening at the Cathedral in Durham. That was tonight so we met up. Was a really good night. Got a lot of pictures... Chose the one I wanted to upload and had it all ready. It was then that I checked Richies entry and realised it was the same picture. So.... start again...but it was such a nice photo so I chose a similar one but one with the framing of the window we looked out of to take it. This is taken from the Belfry. Really high up although its still not the top. When the bells were ringing it made the entire tower move.... not so great if your not too good with heights. If you ever visit the Cathedral do pay to go up to the top...Its worth it.

Named the blip after the John Lennon song... however I found a cover of it recently by A Perfect Circle. Some of you will really dislike it but I think it has a nice modern sort of feel to it. Only thing I was disappointed with about this version is I wanted it to kick off and get really heavy.....Imagine

Hope you like this.... definitely better than some of my recent entries in my opinion.

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