Mono Monday: "Seasonal" - Produce

Ingeborg has kindly set the theme of "Seasonal" for today's MM blip.

These blip photos show some of the seasonal produce in our vegetable patch.

Initially I uploaded a photo of our marrows as my main blip (and many thanks to those who've already commented nicely on it!), but when Son#3 (who's living here again for a few weeks) came home he said he liked a photo which I'd taken of our beans much better. As I regard him as my Sub-Editor, I value his opinion. So the marrow photo is now demoted to today's extra.

I'd already written my blip spiel about the marrows so I'll leave it here - as follows:

We've grown courgettes before (some of which became "marrows" almost overnight - or so it seemed - when we forgot to harvest them for a few days!) but this year we decided to go for a "proper" marrow plant, intending to harvest them when they were still small like courgettes. Little did we know that the whole plant would also grow much larger, so it's just about taken over the vegetable plot where it's growing. But we did have stuffed marrow for our evening meal a few days ago, with a filling which included Spanish chorizo, and it was delicious.

(I used to think that courgettes and marrows were exactly the same, courgettes just being marrows which had been harvested young. However Googling seems to show that they've been bred to have rather different characteristics - see for example this link.)

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