By christianmadsen

The Taxi Driver...

Was returning home today after a week in Czech Republic, with the airplane delayed and without having slept at night to be sure to be awake to head for the airport at 4:45am... Leaving the hotel only to realize on the way to the airport that I had forgotten my phone in the room, so had to return and wake up the staff of the family driven hotel to retrieve the phone and then resuming the way to the airport!
Only to realize that the airplane was delayed almost two hours, so I could have slept safely and sound, instead I fell unconsciously when I got back and slept until 10:30pm - so now I have a screwed up sleeping pattern that needs to get corrected before Wednesday when I go back to work!
Anyway taxi drivers and airplanes and sleep was the major part of the day, but only the taxi drivers fit into the category of faces, so here is my daily blip.

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