Everything's rosy...

It's gradually getting darker in the mornings and Bailey and I will soon be doing our first and last walks of the day in the dark. Today's walks have been in the gloaming but at least there was no rain this morning. It's all proving to be too early for Bailey at the moment as he's keen to go back to his bed after we've walked. I can't say I blame him but that's not an option for me. At least getting into work makes for high productivity. This morning someone else's significant first job of the day was added to my list but they will hopefully not make a habit of it. 

Four lessons taught and a long meeting at the end of it with a list of jobs to do. My last lesson of the day with set 4 Y10s was hard work and tomorrow doesn't look much easier teaching-wise. I didn't have any marking to do tonight so, Bailey's taken himself off elsewhere for his pre-bedtime snooze and I've resorted to other distraction techniques on day two of keeping away from the fridge and the food cupboard on an evening. The application of nail varnish and not being able to move my face without cracking it has proved to be fairly successful. 

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