The Lanai rebuild

Things are happening! Well, moving forward instead of standing still :0) Yes, we did have a ton of rain since this project started and a Tropical storm, but recently the hold up has been the sub-contractors (carpenters) who overbooked work and can't get to all their jobs in a timely fashion. Also, the building business is very active here in Florida now . . . in steps our contractor who has tons of experience but usually oversees and manages the work, does all the setup, gets the wood. Fred is starting the floor job by himself!! Hopefully the carpenters will be here to relieve him soon and give him a break. But in the meantime he assures me we are getting the strongest floor ever built with the floor joists 1/3 closer than usual. He's the best! 

I have the process here in an album. It starts with our old Lanai and shows the demolition of it, the building of a masonry wall, adding rebar steel to the wall and sealing it and now adding the floor joists. I will continue to add to it as we move along. We will have a tile floor, which is why the super strong floor. The new Lanai will be a foot taller, matching our inside ceiling so we can have ceiling fans. Also, it will be built to code and then some! New furniture, already acquired is waiting . . . we are so looking forward to this space. Maybe in another month?? When it is done I bet we will enjoy and forget the wait!! 

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