A virtual get together

Megan, Rosina and me. Received a raft of these from Carey on Thursday and as it is the only picture that shows Megan and Rosina together I couldn't resist using it as today's blip.

Many of Carey's pictures are accompanied by a message but it is in Mandarin. I recently discovered that if you touch and hold the message you get the option to translate it into English. Wonderful I thought, I will now know what she has to say and we might even engage in a little bit of dialogue. Erm, no! The term lost in translation is very apt. Try this one for example which accompanied a set of 3 photos, one a sketch of Megan, one the outside of a cafe and the other a hot drink:

'Thank you again to park the gift to goat like it very much'

Brad and Angelina. Who gives a f*** and yet it's all over the tabloid news. I hate our obsession with celebrity.

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