247 Villagers

19th September 2016:

58 Km from the factory in in the Bulaweyo area in a village called Mjima, this pump quite close to Lake Malawi, from satellite image on iPhoto.

They were using an open pit but now none of the 247 villagers will have to walk more than 500 meters

Their Pre school and primary schools are within a 10 minute walk, but their secondary school is an impossible 4 hour walk away.

Alfred Reports:
The villagers are really happy since they have been disappointed so often before by NGO's promising them bumps but never delivering on their promise. They say Wells for Zoe are the best!!

S: 11 34 16
E: 34 17 48

Contact: Mercy Mhoni, 0884448399

Donor: Bon Secours Community, Cork, Ireland

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