Pumpkin picking

As we were forecast awful overnight rain we thought we'd pick the pumpkins before they got a soaking. Their leaves and stems looked like they were just about on their last legs so the timing was about right.

The full crop is in the extra: Patrice, Pogba, Poirot, Pikachu and Pyro Pumpkins, plus Maurice Mareau - the imposter! They are now all safely stashed in the garage to await carving later for Halloween.

It was the first league games of the season for the Cully Hurricanes and they had a very successful day, winning 6-0 and 5-1. They were a very happy team this afternoon! Unfortunately their fellow Cully Tornadoes didn't do so well, losing both their matches by similar margins. So with their clean sheet and a cup match last weekend that makes 2 clean sheets for goalie Leo. He is trying to beat the club record of 5 clean sheets in a season.

It was a bit chilly watching the match but we escaped a soaking. I am now listening to it empty down outside so think it is fair to say that the weather has finally turned. Monday in particular looks like it will be a wash out of a day. That's a real shame as I have a day off. Mum has an early eye appointment at the hospital so we ought we'd enjoy a bit of retail therapy after that as a reward - since we are usually there for hours! If the ŵeather is as bad as it looks at the moment we may abandon that and just go and have a nice lunch in the dry somewhere.

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