Yet again

Slowly I am getting a complex about bliping tractors but there is little I can do about it, they just happen to play a large part of my life. I don't really know anything about them and the last thing I need is a sparkling huge horsepower monster. I guess it's just a "boys and their toys" phenomena.

Farmer Andreas bought over another bale of hay for the horses. The last one he delivered on 15th August and it's not yet quite used up. With the continuing good weather, hope the horses will continue to enjoy the grass (Rosie can just been seen on the field at rear of tractor. When Andreas brought the last bale, the horses were suffering badly from coughs - within a day it stopped and confirms his reputation for good quality grassland. When it gets colder we can start to feed our haylage.

Rest of the day was busy with strimmer, branch cutters, chainsaw and  hedge-cutter, getting to grips with the overgrown garden. Angie has been very good in not criticising some of the more dramatic cuts, the result of my neglect in the last few years. Hopefully the bushes will now send out loads of new shoots next spring.

More to follow tomorrow and the worst part zje clearing up and carting away. Hope though to get an hour or two in Ottobeuren tomorrow for the autumn market in the town. Suspect tomorrow midday I might even make an appearance on the towns excellent webcam.

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