... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Mr.!

More cuddly in large.
Back blip

Yay, Mr. and Mrs. were being Good Goosles: they came over to have a look at us when we arrived at Eagle Pond, and kept coming over to say hello... No naughty mooching on their island.

Gawd, I'm meant to be sorting through my holiday photos, but keep just adding more to the "to sort" backlog: I must take fewer photos for the time being... It's hard when there are Goosles staring, scratching, looking smiley (with wasp-induced ripples), chattering, swimming in colourful water, standing in formation, doing shallow swimming and standing, and grazing amongst the pigeons... *Sigh* It was especially cute when Mrs. spotted a plane and looked up, only for Mr. to do exactly the same moments later.

There were also crows up to no good (stealing children's fingers?), and pretty pigeons. Oh, and a hoverfly keen on fabrics (shirts and skirts).
All of my Eagle Pond pics can be found on Flickr (right from here).

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