A Peep Thru the Pinhole

By Brian1943

An Interesting Visitor

Today is the last day of a four-day visit to the Severn Valley Railway (SVR), of the newly-restored (at 4.5 million pounds) icon of yesteryear, The Flying Scotsman. It's pictured here approaching Bewdley station at the scheduled time of 13.18. Please see, also, two extras - one of which shows a lot of high-ISO 'noise', unfortunately, but it was necessary to use a high ISO in order to get a high enough shutter speed on a very dull day.  (Now, at just after 4pm, the sun is peeping through. Where were you earlier, sun, huh?)
An aferthought Extra - this shows the retro style of Bewdley station. Indeed all the stations along the SVR are retro-styled, fixing their decor and architecture to reflect the 1940s appearance.

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