Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams

On stage with David Gilmour at the RAH

... well almost.

A very last minute booking got me into Row 1 in the choir (restricted view) and probably meant that I had to sing as well. Fortunately, I know the words, but I could see Dave's autocue to help the old grey cells if needed. From this angle you get to see the show from behind through all the dry ice. But such a close view means you see every action, they often turn round just to communicate with each other, and the sound quality from the stage monitors was so much better. You do miss out on the big round screen  but I've seen that all before.

I forgot my sunglasses though for Run like hell when they blast the stage with with every flood creating an impenetrable  wall of brilliant white. The band were all equipped with 'blues brothers style welding glasses' for this track.

The second extra shows DG on cymbals as the drummer is otherwise employed on the wind machine for Astronomy Domine.

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