Two Thousand Photos

By ajinternational

Blip 2000: My Last Blip

Well dear reader, the title is self explanatory: this is my last Blip. 

“But why!?” you ask. Well, I shall explain, and thankfully not through the medium of interpretive dance…

A wise friend introduced me to Blipfoto back in 2011. Capturing and documenting one photo a day seemed like a fun but realistic challenge and what started as a few days quickly became a few weeks, months, and then a year (Blip birthdays come round so fast!) 

And so I kept going onward - un jour, une photo…

During the past few months I’ve been lazy and I recently spent a few evenings back-blipping my photos from over the summer which I hadn’t uploaded and realised that another milestone was fast approaching. 

But I also realised that I wasn’t giving my journal the same level of attention and enthusiasm that it used to receive.  

I hate to say it but it's become something I feel I’m forcing myself to do out of habit, rather than something I want to do because I enjoy it.  

Some of my favourite pictures have been ones I have posted as my Blipfoto entries but too many photos recently have been “emergency” blips taken on my phone on the way home or at the last minute because I needed something, anything, for that day. 

It's photo dairy fatigue I guess, and now seems to be right time to retire. 

Thank you for joining me for this visual adventure. We've been to many, many places and seen a plethora Smörgåsbord of sights. 

This, however, is where my current journey ends: Blip 2000. 

P.S. I’ll update my info with links so you can follow me on Instagram or Flickr, if you so desire.

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