one of the three artists

There were three ladies working in this pottery, all decorating pots, bowls and so on. They have a set of ideas, but also seem to work creatively, making things up as they go along - as they feel like it! The piles of wares I saw were all just a bit different from each other, sometimes quite unique.

They were very confident and had a very steady hand as they worked. I pondered the hours they must have spent learning their trade, developing their skills. They must have been at it for years. They talked a lot, and were taking their time in a relaxed sort of way. I can imagine them drinking a lot of cups of coffee during the working day.

The pottery makes huge dishes, plates, jars and cooking pots. They also make tiny little dishes full of sunshine and warmth for the table, one of which will be coming home with us to the snows of Sweden. To Bötsle from San Pedro du Corval, on our way to the big, man-made lake near Monsaraz.

Keith has a shot taken from the place we had a beer:

There we saw the museum of the Inquisition, not something that produced comfortable thoughts at all to be honest. The castle was brilliant, high turrets, windy slots in the walls, fabulous views and hardly anyone there. Once again, we could risk life and limb just walking about. It seemed to be built round a bull ring, or at least there's one there now. We cooled off in the lake which was lovely after another day of heat.

It was all just a spit and a stride from Spain. Which looked remarkably like Portugal to me.

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