By Adoremoose

Doors open day 2016 - Edinburgh

This doors open day we were treated to some interesting buildings. St Stephens was probably a favourite, it was originally a church designed by Playfair but is now used a community space. Very grand. There is a huge amount of worthy work going on in and around Edinburgh, saving beautiful old buildings from the standard fate of Wetherspoons and repurposing them for community spaces. Alas, we visited a couple that have been potentially saved, but now no-one is interested in using them they may yet see Curry and a pint Thursday. The Glasite meeting house was one, and Customs House in Leith was another. Both great potential, but maybe not enough local interest?

This particular photo was taken at Lyon and Turnbull, an auction house in the city that is doing a great job of repurposing yet another church that fell into disuse. If you've got a spare £2k burning a hole in your pocket, and are a fan of automata them this little guy is for sale! Part of a bigger sale of a collection of automata currently owned by Roger Daltrey of The Who, the peices are incredibly well preserved and in their original state. We had to fortune to see all but one of the peices working. Creepy or cute? You decide. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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