Wellgate Centre Clock

Up at the crack of dawn today for my Dundee Ninewells Hospital Respiratory Medicine Department appointment to review my Chest X-Ray and CT Scan results  -  I got to look at my lungs  -  didn’t think of blipping them  -  slow on the draw at that moment lol!.  A barrage of more tests this morning – diagnosis: Bronchiectasis, where airways of the lungs become abnormally widened. Seems not much is known of this condition and so I was invited to take part in their research. Seems that Dr James Chalmers at Ninewells is world-renowned for his research into Bronchiectasis – so watch this space!  Took the bus back into Dundee and roved around the city for a while  -  took lots of blips and the best was the Wellgate Shopping Centre Clock.  As midday is struck it strikes up some music. Anna MacDonald has written a lovely poem about this - look especially at her first stanza!  Have a nice evening, Everyone:)

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