In The Old Curiosity Shop

I'm getting a bit tired of rainy or grey days when all we get, at best, are some fleeting glimpses of sun; this makes blipping a tad uninspiring. I feel there are only so many flowers-in-the-rain shots I can take! Madchickenwoman’s blip, taken in her local ‘Emporium’ yesterday, reminded me that I’d been meaning to go back to the antique/secondhand shop in town to see whether the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was still there. I think I might even have promised to blip her for Freespiral when I first saw her in January. 
Today dawned grey again, so off I went this afternoon to town. Yes, Our Lady of Grace (the 'American' Virgin Mary) is still there - but the 'Titanic' had gone! She’s been standing there at the top of the stairs at least since the beginning of the year, with her price tag of $1550 announcing that she comes from the U.S.A.  She’s certainly seen better days – I’d love to know her story.  Did she come from a school, or a church, or a hospital – or just a private home? If she weren’t so expensive, I might be tempted to take her home and beautifully restore her; definitely her eyes could be better.  She could stand in the garden among the apple trees, with Wekas  foraging at her feet! I’ve put another photo on Flickr, showing a display of some fine wooden shackles. I thought they might have been of interest to Christina, because of something she’s been doing.
I had a fleeting visit from Jonathan today, to take away a small sofa for Alexander’s bedroom; a chat on Skype with Nicky, and an infuriating phone call in the late afternoon with someone who shall not be named, but which can’t have been good for my blood pressure! Our Lady would tell me to be more forgiving. The nuns would have told us to 'Do What Our Lady Would Do', which means that I must make an effort to sort out something that this person perceives to be a problem, but in a diplomatic manner.

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