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By Raheny_Eye

The curse of 51

Poor lads. 
It was heartbreaking to see them in tears, yet again. 
While Dublin were holding the Sam McGuire aloft. Again. 
The Mayo team regularly reaches the all-Ireland football final (the real football, not that soccer thingy practiced by sissies).

I'd be shitting myself if I were Pádraig Carney or Paddy Prendergast. Some football fanatics may be tempted to hasten their demise with a hurley stick.

If you want to find out more about the curse of 51, do read this highly entertaining Wikipedia article on Sports-related curses: 

Mayo GAA
The Curse of '51 allegedly prevents Mayo from winning the Sam Maguire Cup ever again, or at least until the death has occurred of every member of the last winning team from 1951. It remains unbroken—despite the team reaching the final on eight[32] occasions since then, they have either completely collapsed on the day or been undone by a series of other unfortunate events.[33]
The legend tells us that while the boisterous Mayo team were passing through Foxford on the victorious journey home, the team failed to respect a funeral ceremony. The residing priest consequently put a curse on Mayo football to never win a subsequent All-Ireland Final.[34]
In 1989, Mayo reached their first All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final since their last victory in 1951 only to lose to Cork. In 1996, a freak point by Meath at the end of the final forced a replay, which saw Mayo concede another late score that would deny them victory. Kerry bridged an 11-year title gap against them in 1997with a three-point win, before torturing them by eight points in 2004 and thirteen points in 2006.[35]
Mayo returned to the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final in 2012. Even with Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Rome seeking divine intervention through Pope Benedict XVI the day before,[36] the "Kafkaesque black farce"[35] continued from where it had left off—with Donegal allowed bridge a 20-year gap between titles, helped in no small part by a nightmare opening quarter for Mayo as Michael Murphy—whose father is from Mayo—launched a rocket of a shot into the goal after three minutes. Then, in the eleventh minute, Colm McFadden seized the ball from the grasp of Kevin Keane and slid it into the net for a second Donegal goal. Mayo only got on the scoresheet after sixteen minutes and never led at any point during the match. They eventually lost with thirteen points to Donegal's two goals and eleven. [35][37][38]
They lost again in 2013, this time by a single point to Dublin.[32]
They qualified for the 2016 Final on 18th September 2016 where they faced Dublin the curse seemingly struck again when they scored two own goals in the opening half before drawing with Dublin in the last few minutes of the game. They faced Dublin again in a rematch on the 1st October 2016 but lost by a point.
Following the death of Fr Peter Quinn in January 2016, there now only remains 2 living members of the 1951 All Ireland winning team, Pádraig Carney and Paddy Prendergast.

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