Deer Park Tour

Today G and I went of a fabulous deer park tour at Woburn. We saw red deer (like the one bellowing in the picture), fallow deer, chinese water deer, manchurian sika deer and pere david deer like the ones in the extra.

The deer live on 1,000 acres of grass at Woburn. The pere david deer were helped to be saved from extinction by Woburn. The magnificent red deer stags on average grow 12kg of bone in their antlers every year - the record being 18kg. These antlers can fall off one at a time, leaving them a bit lopsided! We watched one red deer stag trying to detach a branch from a tree to add to the size of his antlers and make them even more impressive!

The rut is a bit late this year, so there's still time to go see the deer at this key time and I'd definitely recommend the tour.

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