Mono Monday: 'Roots' - uprooted

I went down to the back beach this evening, thinking I’d get a blip of the amazing old pine tree stumps with their exposed root systems. I’ve blipped them before, but imagine my surprise to find them mostly gone today. I took a few shots, but began to be thankful that I’d stopped to photograph the clouds reflected in Parker’s Cove inlet on the way past - we’ve had some great cloud formations today.  As I was leaving the beach, I was hailed by a couple of people sitting on a log – it was Indigo and her mother, A. 

They told me that the Council had removed the stumps last year (shows how long it is since I’ve been to the back beach!) after someone complained of ‘nearly’ falling through one while climbing on it.  For goodness sake! I totally agree with the person who was quoted in this article, who said ‘Talk about the fun police’!  Health and Safety strikes again. It’s such a shame – but at least I do have some photos of them.  Part of this image reminds me of the head of a parasaurolophus dinosaur.
Just before going to the beach, I had a visitor with some rather sad news. Not unexpected, it’s been on the cards for a while, but still sad for him and particularly for his children, who will be deeply affected – the children always suffer when parents separate.

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