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By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 2: Mediterranean Minimalism

More peaceful progress in large.
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The day started off with both a rat and a stoat in the fig tree! There were no figs this year (they were probably removed by the neighbours to ward off rats), but we were rather pleased to see the visitors, even if the rat was surprised by our presence and got stuck (trying to keep away from us) up the tree...

We later went to Finca Subaida, a farm producing Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Mahon cheese, made from cow milk with a little ewe milk. They've sheep, goats, and Freisian cattle. Oh, and farm cats. They had lots of sweet calves, which were very strokable, even if they're rather too ready to explore with their tongues (Exhibit A & exhibit B, amongst others...). The light was beautiful, and I took too many photographs...

We then went to Cala Presili, over by Cap de Favaritx; there were wonderful panoramic views including the handsome lighthouse at Far de Favaritx, and the beach and water were wonderful.

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