Millbrook: Across the Bridge and Into the Light

It was an unaccustomed Monday morning treat: a quick tour of the boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh before work. I'm not usually in the office on Mondays, but I made an exception for an afternoon meeting that was really a "be-there" type of thing.

This is one of the first scenes I often see when visiting Millbrook: the little bridge over Thompson Run. It was a magic moment. Light was breaking through the clouds, a kingfisher was sitting on the bridge railing, cackling away, and of course, I was snapping away on the camera.

I zoomed in a bit to get a better shot of the kingfisher, but of course, it disappeared before I could get off my second shot. I wish the kingfisher were in it, of course, but the light was still golden and mighty fine. The boardwalk almost seemed to glisten and shine.

The soundtrack: Randy Newman, with Let It Shine.

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