Learning day by day

By EmmaF


I woke this morning with yet another tonsilly throat, so no running for me, which is gutting as I was planning to start back gently this morning.

After school Carys had a netball match. She was on the B-team and had for gone ballet (Company Class) to play. It was worth the sacrifice as she was made Captain, although the team lost. I didn't see any of this as I was running the line on the A-team match as Will's teacher (who runs the netball club) had an emergency appendectomy at the weekend, so obviously wasn't at school. The A-team won 0-20!

Back home Will has started cursive handwriting and had done his homework (I am sure it will feature as a Blip over the next fortnight) and happily practised his violin while I listened and continued this blanket.

Looking round another 'big' school tomorrow, after a play date and helping at Beavers...

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