Setting Seed

The huge flower spikes on the gunnera are covered with fine seeds.  When you touch it clouds of them fill the air.  

The garden is looking very autumnal.  The sweet peas are very battered by the gales, but I'm reluctant to put them out as there are still a few brave flowers hanging on.  There is still plenty of colour in the garden, lots of things still flowering and more buds to open if we keep getting more sunny days.

Lots of geese about at the moment.  The stubble fields are full of them, thousands of them.  Ollie is having a hard time with all the shooting going on in the mornings and evenings.  It really terrifies him.  Tourists are now coming up here from all over for shooting holidays.  Men in camouflage gear, swathed in cartridge belts is not my favourite sight  . . .  Twitchers with cameras are much preferred!

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