By Leiflife

Season of Acceptance

Once more I have been living with pain. Simultaneously such wonder has come into my life. This may in some way explain my absence from blip. 

When sitting at the computer my sciatic nerve pain intensifies. It can reach agonizing levels. The pain returned on the road trip with my brother, John. Since then It has grown worse. Meanwhile, I have continued dancing with Summer, preparing for the dance performance that has recently taken place. Summer is the bringer of wonder. Young dancer that she is, she was full of a quiet and miraculous eagerness  to explore the possibilities of dancing with Leif Anderson. Her approach was a little shy and my acceptance of her proposal that we perform together was equally shy. A touch of caution accompanied the flame of hope that leapt in my heart. 

Summer appeared before the trip with Johnny, before the pain returned. We had two promising sessions before I left. During these I introduced her to Airth, and she responded beautifully and with joy. She brought to me a new courage, a renewed openness to another human being's ideas and sensibilities. Her generosity of presence never overwhelmed the solitary bird that I have become. 

When I returned, there was no question of whether to resume or not. The pain was part of the equation, another aspect of the dance. "Welcome," said Summer to the elderly dancer's pain. "We can work with you. You will add depth, and opportunities for mindfulness and compassion." Summer was right.

Three days before the performance I had an epidural injection for the pain. On the night before the performance these photos were taken by Ketti, the director of Tsunami Dance Co., at the tech rehearsal with my little Sony RX100. Our performance was part of the first Dance Festival our little town of Ocean Springs has ever known. Summer organized it all. Hopefully, I will soon return with some images I took of the other performers backstage at the actual performance.

Thank you, sweet Summer. You have sweetened the season. Because of you, I am also able to accept this season of pain and wonder. 

I have created this blip standing with my computer on a bureau. In this way I have been able to sway and move as I type. My leg is beginning to say enough. But it is better than sitting... 

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