Wonderful Beach Day

Ok, well it really wasn't a great  beach day, but we had to see if we could get over to see how things were going with the evacuations and other hurricane preparations at Garden City Beach.
We saw a lot of police and even some National Guard vehicles but they were all fine if folks just wanted to check out how the ocean looked.
There were a few people walking around, some just sitting on the beach chair and one guy pictured here that felt compelled to go in for a swim.
Looks like he may be having second thoughts, but he did OK.
The heavy stuff isn't supposed to hit us until overnight Friday and all day Saturday. The weather is actually supposed to be outstanding right after the storm blows by as is often the case. Even the day before (today) was a pretty decent day.
So we shall see how it goes moving forward. Our main concern continues to be flooding from heavy rain and those pines in our backyard look awful shaky so we are really hoping they don't come down on us.
Extra shows a guy who decided to call it quits after snagging a few waves while surfing.
Ugh, I didn't even attach the extra. It's on a different drive. I'll try to get at it tomorrow.
I'm bleary eyed right now.

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